Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Resident Post: Alan Doty

As I look back on the last four weeks on the geriatrics rotation, I am amazed at the complexity of the medical management involved in the elderly patient care. As a physician, we have the unique experience to see the many aspects of care from the family members involved, hospitals, long care facilities, home health, and even hospice and the absolute importance in the effective coordination involved in managing all of the aspects of care. During my time time on this rotation, I had the opportunity to visit with many patients and families, all of them so welcomed the care and I never saw any loved one express anger or frustration, even with sometimes devastating diseases that they were dealing with. The history and experience that the older generation has is so important. Just to sit and listen to there stories is amazing. Not only do the benefit from having someone to talk with and relay the experiences, but the insight and value of hearing those experience can not be measured. My greatest hope is that we, as physicians, don't loss the ability to spend time getting to know our patients and their families.

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