Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Resident Post: Maharshi Bhakta

I did Geriatrics last month as an Intern and I am elated for having this rotation earlier on in my Residency. Topics and discussions that we had in Geriatrics were unique and separate from rest of the rotations I did as an Intern. For example, when seeing a patient in the clinic we automatically assume everyone is going to live to be 100 years old. This is certainly not true however when considering screening test it rarely comes to mind to evaluate the life expectancy of the patient and whether the patient will be able to get the treatment if screened positive. Also, after completing Geriatrics, I find myself evaluating patients ADLs and IADLs not because I never learned them in medical school but I never grasped the importance and relevance of that affecting the patient's health and social situation.  During the clinics with Dr. Hayley and Nursing home visits with Dr. Kalender-Rich, I had opportunity to focus on issues pertaining to geriatrics such as driving ability, dementia and incontinence. I feel like I became more clinically astute in assessing and managing those issues.  

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