Monday, December 2, 2013

Shocking news!

I had a medical school gerontology professor who would always open his talks in a dramatic, hushed tone saying, "I have a secret to tell you . . . none of us are going to get out of here [this life] alive."  It is an undeniable fact.  The billions of humans who came before us all have had the same fate.  What's surprising then, I suppose, is that the assertion sounds so bold and almost startles us.

The comment could compel you to:
A) Live in the fear of the unknown after our earthly bodies fail us, or
B) Make the life you have as lively as possible

I choose B, and I like to think that as geriatricians we choose B for our patients, as well, by championing for quality of life instead of single-mindedly waging war on death.  With that in mind, my professor's declaration invokes not alarm, but a smile whenever it comes to mind.

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